Planning a Journey


I and my partner Alexe have recently booked flights to California, USA for the month of august 2017. So with that said I’m going to give you guys an insight into the process of how we are going to plan our trip and the spots we aim to go to. So we fly into LAX airport and plan on staying in Los Angeles for around 3 days. while we are in LA we found that the prices for hotels are overly expensive so with some research we discovered a considerable difference in price when using the air BnB platform, which we had used previously when we went to Europe in 2014. So for about half the price, we are able to get our own apartment with amenities included so we can make our own food and not have extra costs on having to eat out all the time. We have allowed 3 days stay in la and then we are going to hire a minivan fitted with a bed, gas stove and fridge allowing us to sleep and cook wherever we want. Once we have the van our goal is to head north to Yosemite national park which has been a must see for the both of us ironically ever since the Apple brand decided to have a photo of the mountain range as their standard desktop screen saver, we also plan to stop along the way enjoying the countryside. after we have explored Yosemite we are then going to head to the city of san Francisco another place we have to tick off our bucket list. in san Francisco we want to walk to golden state bridge, visit the famous Alcatraz island and explore and experience the wonderful architecture of the historic city for ourselves. after san Francisco we will then head back down the coastal road in California back towards Los Angeles where will spend a night or two before we fly back to Australia.


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