Mt Buller Australia

Mt Buller is located 208 km east of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria in Australia. Due to its close proximity to Melbourne it is a popular winter destination for snow sport enthusiasts during the winter months (11th June to late September depending on snowfall). Mt Buller is primarily a resort town with around 200 in population but has 7000 beds available in accommodation facilities, the most of any ski resorts in the state of Victoria. You can find a total of 36 restaurants and bars on the mountain giving visitors multiple options for breakfast lunch and dinner. During peak season you can find that bars host music events, encouraging a great party atmosphere for young people to enjoy while they are staying on the mountain.

There are free shuttle buses that operate regularly from 8am to 6pm during the week and 8 am to midnight on the weekends. This is a great service as getting around when it is icy can become quite tricky at times. There is a total of 22 chair lifts on the mountain giving visitors diverse ways to ride the mountain during the winter and summer months. The feature of a snow park is also a popular attraction for the more advanced snowboarders and skiers as they showcase their skills on the multiple obstacles.

Mountain biking

During the summer months MT Buller has a growing number of first class cross country and downhill mountain bike tracks and are constantly being updated each year. Mt Buller aims to develop the mountain into a world class mountain bike venue in line with what has been achieved in whistler (Canada) and Queenstown (New Zealand).


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